Rescue 3 Norge stands for safety, professionalism and quality.

We have been teaching search and rescue courses since 1993.

Why choose a Rescue 3 course?

  • We take the subject seriously.
  • We teach techniques that works.
  • Safety and quality at all levels.
  • Our instructors have extensive experience on the river and annual requirements to maintain active status within the Rescue 3 system.
  • We seek continuous development and change in a dynamic global environment to meet students needs and requirements.
  • With high competence and a humble attitude to the element we work in, our main goal is to deliver safety and quality on every course we teach.



We have taught courses for

Rafting guides, kayakers, canoeists, outdoor teachers, mulit-sport athletes, University of South-Eastern Norway, Hode Over Vann, Rope Rescue Norway, Paramedics, Norwegian Red Cross, Norwegian Rescue Dogs, Norwegian Fire Brigade, Police, Norwegian Armed Forces, Swedish Armed Forces, British Army, Los Angeles Fire Department, San Antonio SWAT Team, Air Force 330 Squadron and Norwegian Air Ambulance.